Its 9.30 on a Sunday morning at the PopUp Prayerhouse temp meeting place - Holy Trinity Primary School, Cross Road, Weymouth, DT4 9QX

The musicians and singers in the worship band will be running through a couple of songs, sound-checking and last-minute guitar tuning. The childrens team will be assembling the props, refreshments and extras for the mornings childrens programme. Volunteers will be buzzing around the building making sure everything is ready for coffee, creche and Communion. The youth team, creche team, the media team: people are taking care of all the little details.

When you arrive, you enter an atmosphere of worship which has been underway from 10.15am. The sense of the presence of God will be hanging in the air as God the Holy Spirit comes to meet with us. We love to worship God with music and songs. You will notice that the worship flows around, changing tempo, volume and style; from the exuberant songs of praise, to deeply intimate love songs. Sometimes the songs are well practiced and well known, at other times they are spontaneous, arising out of the hearts of the people, there and then. We do expect prophetic words to emerge from times of corporate worship, so we encourage you to share it if you think you have one. We do ask, however, that you check it out first with one of the Eldership Team.

Worship in Full Colour

Our children join the worship on three out of four Sundays, often helping out with the music with a range of percussion instruments, streamers and parachutes. We love the full colour of God's amazing family. The children leave the adults at about 11.15am to head out to the groups designed for them in another part of the building. They enjoy drinks and biscuits, before getting stuck into drama, crafts and all kinds of fun. The young people join Mobilise, our youth programme, where they explore their faith together. Once a month Mobilise teams up with the Childrens team to deliver Infusion, a fun-packed whole morning programme for the children and youth combined. Parents with pre-school children, who wish to, are able to leave the children at our creche, or accompany them.

Those who stay in the main hall will continue to worship, enjoy some preaching from the Bible and will be able to receive prayer ministry, which usually happens after the preaching. In addition, there are always trained people available for personal prayer for physical or inner healing if needed.

Dont rush off at the end: after the meeting is time to hang out, drink some decent coffee, grab a biscuit and get to know some people. We are in all shapes and sizes, from widely different backgrounds, some newbies, some old stagerseveryone eager to grow and learn. Although the meeting is usually over by 12.15pm, people stick around to chat and enjoy each other for ages. Looking forward to meeting you at the Prayerhouse really soon.


We have plenty of free parking at the the PopUp Prayerhouse--just turn up with your coach full!