This is a series for every man. It's a must-attend series, so every man understands the power of pornography and the nature of the beast and how it becomes a brain problem and very hard to get free from. 

Pornography is a tremendous issue today, with 68% of men in the church worldwide viewing it regularly.

We at the Prayerhouse want all our men to go through this course, to equip them with the tools to help other men.

Watch the Conquer introduction Video

We have run to date, three courses with eighteen of our men in attendance including the leadership. 

An effective course for viewing within the youth in home groups or in other ministry areas within the church.  Churches who use the Conquer Series in their youth ministry have also used it with parents; so that parents can better understand the struggles their teen is facing and how to support them through this developmental stage.

This is an excellent resource. It helps them to understand what is happening in their brain and how it contributes to their sexual behaviours and providing the essential tools for maintaining sexual purity

We want to promote the series in other churches and it is open for others to attend if that is you? Please email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

if you are in the area and want to attend or need help with this problem.  We may also consider running a special group if the demand is sufficient. 

 2Our next course is being planned for September 2019. Numbers are limited and first come, first served. We will take bookings in  August / September 2019.  We limit places and there is a cost associated the material comes from the USA. 

It's a great way to build leadership skills in others, preparing them for God's calling.

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