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I consent to any emergency medical treatment being given to my child, should it be required.

I therefore authorise the activity organiser to sign on my behalf, any written consent required by emergency services, should delay required to obtain my signature, be considered by the authority concerned likely to endanger my child's health and safety, in the understanding that every effort shall be made to contact me.

I consent to the first aider administrating paracetamol in the appropriate dosage to my child if considered necessary, in the understanding that every effort will be made to contact me.

I consent to my child appearing in photos/video/Social Media. This will only be used in relation to camp, their identity will not be disclosed.

Privacy notice:

We care about your privacy (as we are people too), so we will not share your information with any third party without your explicit permission.

We will only contact you regarding Camp related stuff.

We will remove all of your personal details from our system once Camp is over.