girls singing into microphones

If you’re between the age of 14-18, you need to be here.

Moby2 is massive fun and somewhere you can make friends for life. We are young people making our way through the last years of school and sixth form. We love hanging out together and with people who love Jesus.

Just when we think we’ve got it all sorted, life does a flip and we find ourselves in places we don’t want to be, or at least shouldn’t be. At Moby2 we are not great holy monks, but normal teenagers who love Jesus.

Moby2 has helped us find our place God’s big plan and has helped us discover God in a way that is real and powerful to us.

We always eat food, usually worship, always have major discussions about everything, always laugh, usually shout. From making painful life choices to sex, we talk about it all. At Moby2 we don't get judged, but loved.

Sounds good? Come. We meet every other week on Tuesdays, at 7.30pm at the Prayerhouse. If you’re planning to come by and check us out, text or call to 07899 737540 and find out if we’re meeting that week or not.

Don’t put it off. You’ll love it.