Please note, we have had to cancel Camp #2 this year. We apologise to those who had booked.

Camp #1 aged 8-13 year olds (we are happy to take 14s): 27 July - 1 August

Our goal: to have as much fun, fresh air, adrenaline, food, worship and Jesus as is possible!

An incredible mix of fresh air, crazy outdoor adventures, fabulous food and the presence of God: since 1991, hundreds of children have cheerfully swapped the creature comforts of home to sleep in army style ridge tents for a week, and ended up having the best time ever!

Our Camp has always been for children aged 8-13, but since last year we are also offering a camp for 14-18 year olds.

Originally our Camp was at Fleet in Weymouth, but at present our site is a fabulous green field at Lox Lane Retreat Centre near Shaftesbury, deep in the heart of North Dorset. We love the fact that Lox Lane is in the middle of nowhere, so we try to come up with activities in keeping with our surroundings, getting out into the fields and woodlands.

Making Memories

Camp is about making memories: learning things you cannot learn from a computer screen. It is about living large, hearing the tawny owls at night and the rest of the birds at 4.30 in the morning. It’s about life changing experiences, getting on with people, laughing, singing, shouting, running, dancing and creating.

Making Leaders

For the leaders, an amazing team of volunteers, Camp is super amazing, never boring, sleep depriving, appetite gorging, calorifically rewarding, spiritually uplifting, destiny shaping, friendship making, spouse finding (unofficially), muscle aching, sweat producing (sometimes), talent unearthing, character forming—you just have to be there!

Leaders application forms

If you are interested in being a leader at one or all of the camps please fill in the online form.

Dates: Camp #1: 27 July - 1 August 2019

Camp quotes:

"It's amazing! Not anything like what I expected. You just cannot get bored!" Izzy.

"This is my favourite bit of Camp: after the Evening Session, when you've been prayed for and you are finding it hard to stay standing up because of the Holy Spirit!" Elliott.

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