Church should never be boring! God is not boring—he is 100% creative and original. We try to reflect that in our approach to worship. God is a dad. He's the best dad ever, in fact. Families were his idea in the very beginning.He has a big family and loads of time for the younger ones. Jesus was never too busy to spend time with the children brought to him by eager mums wanting him to bless their little ones.

Sunday morning worship at the Prayerhouse is a family business, with people of all ages expressing their love and gratitude to God in song. The bible tells us to make a joyful noise, so that's what we aim for. The children help with drums and other percussion instruments, flags and streamers. We love dancing

Here is a slice of the action designed around young people and children going on at the Prayerhouse, on Sundays and weekdays.


Join the Primary School-age Revolution! Our midweek kids club is catered for those aged 4-11, and is full of fun, games, and drama! We re-enact stories from the Bible with hilarious results - lots of dressing up, laughing, and action. We create a safe space where kids can be themselves