Any family has its own unique and sometimes crazy ways and I’m sure we are no exception. Our biggest wish though, is that you feel welcome. We don’t expect you to dig out your Sunday best for us, we want you to be relaxed so that you can enjoy meeting with God and feel at home with his family. We have realised that is pointless pretending to be something we’re not with God, because he sees our hearts anyway! Hopefully you will see that everyone at the Prayerhouse is on a journey to know him and become like him, just as you are. None of us have made it and are waiting for the others to catch up!

We do prioritise worship and praise as we have found it opens our hearts up to God, making us able receive more readily from him. Some of our worship uses beautifully worded songs, sung together, whilst some is entirely new and spontaneous and develops a life of its own as we follow the flowing of the Holy Spirit. As you stick around you will find it easier to navigate these times; meanwhile, don’t be intimidated. Do feel free just to sit and soak it all up.

So, belonging.

  1. If you have not yet been to one of the meetings, call in and check us out.
  2. Introduce yourself to one of the Welcoming Team and they will give you a newcomer card so that you can share your contact details.
  3. Stick around for coffee and say "Hi" to some people.
  4. Ask about Life Groups in your area.
  5. Feel free to attend any of the weekday events at the Prayerhouse you feel are appropriate for you.