of us being in Weymouth, but it didn't work out quite as I thought. 26 years on, we are still novices, learning about how awesome God is, and he is still surprisng us! We have seen the most astonishing things: widespread moves of the Holy Spirit's power affecting hundreds at once, miracles of healing, miracles of provision and miraculous life changes. However, the thing which excites us most of all, is a person falling in love with Jesus and discovering the depth of the Father's love for them."

Both Paul and Anna are passionate about worship and love the presence of God like nothing else. "We love to get in the zone with some musicians and let our love for God pour out in spontaneous, creative songs and improvised playing."

Anna and Paul have four children and a small yappy dog! They love being outside, enjoying the stunning coastline of Dorset. They love cooking on fires, drinking decent coffee and burning calories to make room for cake!