Sunday Morning

The sense of the presence of God will be hanging in the air as God the Holy Spirit comes to meet with us. We love to worship God with music and songs. You will notice that the worship flows around, changing tempo, volume and style; from the exuberant songs of praise, to deeply intimate love songs. Sometimes the songs are well practised and well known, at other times they are spontaneous, arising out of the hearts of the people, there and then!



At the Prayerhouse our week starts with three hours devoted to worship and prayer. Before we get caught up in pastoral work, admin, maintenance, or other important business, we make it our first priority to connect with the business of heaven. Monday 9.00am - 12.00pm

Dayshift is for everyone. Some people come to sit and soak or pray silently, while others get caught up in the worship and join in leading prayers. From 11.00 the café is open, offering delicious home-made cakes, proper coffee, or a pot of tea. We want the access to Dayshift to be easy, but for your time spent there to deepen your experience of God. We hope that your appetite for his presence will be enhanced by your time at Dayshift.

Wednesday Worship Sessions