Healing Rooms Weymouth is a branch of the National Association of Healing Rooms,  the  headquarters for England are in Halifax Yorkshire. Our Healing Rooms are staffed by volunteers from various local churches who have undergone training and been 'signed off' by their ministers . Some of our team have been with us since we started in 2005 and we have testimonies of many and varied healings.

God is healing today

During the sessions prayer is offered for body, mind or spirit, whatever is appropriate.  We have experienced that the age of miracles is not over. A dash of faith releases the Holy Spirit's power to heal.  God's word, the Bible is his prescribed medicine for healing as we have seen form the following testimonies:-

Young woman healed of  Fibromyalgia after years of pain, pain left instantly. VH

Older lady suffering with serious bowl disorder Healed immediately. JB

Nothing wrong with eye which was going blind, specialist baffled. Mr G

Release from many emotional problems from early years, God set me free! JD

GP's neck and shoulder pains healed almost immediately after 12 years. SD

All are welcome

Healing is not always instant as healing is a process, so people are invited to return as many times as they need.

All are welcome at healing rooms from any faith, or none. This service is completely confidential and free of charge.

An appointment system operates to avoid long waiting times, or you can just drop in for a cuppa and chat. The sessions, are on Wednesdays  starting at 3.45p.m. at The Prayerhouse. To book an appointment or enquire phone 07503 461 160