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A Integrated Approach

The aim is to prepare the church to be a spotless Bride, ready for her bridegroom, our Lord Jesus Christ, through a Holy Spirit led integrated approach to healing. Four areas are ministered too to bring lasting healing and freedom, These areas are, generational baggage (Sins of the Fathers), false and negative thinking (Ungodly Beliefs),  life's wound and hurts (Soul, Spirit Hurts) and deliverance from spiritual oppression (Demonic Oppression)

Issue focused ministry (IFM)

Sometimes there is an issue which impacts us where there can be repeating pattern in our life. Often this causes feelings of self-doubt, anger, shame, pain, or confusion. We suggest "single issue" ministry, which is a session of three hours covering the four areas.  IFM can be repeated for different issues at diffrent times..

Thorough ministry

There may be many issues that seem to be inter-related. We suggest, "thorough" format ministry involving five, three-hour sessions. 
Issues are usually something that has been with us a long time and we just do not seem to be able shake them off by ourselves.  Nothing is too big or too small. 

Do not stay a prisoner! Break those chains!


From someone who has recently received RTF ministry from one of our teams:- 

It's made me feel differently about myself–I woke up this morning thinking that God loves me–I do not feel weighed down any more.

I know what his plan is for me now–he wants me to become strong so that I can minister to people like me.

From a church Leader who has recently received RTF 15 hour ministry - 

I cannot thank you enough for all you did and who you are, I tell testimony of it many times and my leaders and staff are very keen to get on board from what they've seen through me.

From a Husband and Wife having completed RTF 15 hour ministry together - four weeks later:-

Husband - RTF has helped me in powerful ways.

The  “identity proclamations" are important for my “quietness and confidence.”

Increased confidence gives more authority and anointing to my talks

I have done several talks, some with no time for preparation, and I feel they have gone well.

I have chosen a selection of Godly Beliefs s to focus on, to be extended later;

I have found myself slipping into striving a couple of times when under pressure, but it is much easier to move back into peace.

Our busy ministry schedule is good practice in finding strategies to maintain a fruitful personnel “walk with the LORD” while on the move, which may be preparation for the future.

 Wife - I find I benefited from the ministry ever so much.

I find I have much more confidence to be myself.

Some old fears have reminded of themselves, but it is easier to recognise them as you said and so reject them.

I am very grateful to you both.

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