The meetings of Lifegroups have been called off due to the restrictions on public gatherings. Many of our groups are still meeting virtually. If you would like more details about this, please contact us and we'll help you find a group you can join


Tuesday evening 

Preston and Littlemoor area. We feel the essence of the group is really to meet, worship and let the holy spirit come to lead.  We try to have a set format of one week Worship, Bible Study, Soaking, Ministering but quite often He comes very gently and leads us in another direction.  Out of our Worship and a heart of love for Him comes the overflow and we all feel that we have touched heaven, been built up ready to go out and do what we do in the world.  We try to gather socially usually over food every two/three months, which builds up friendships in the group. These are the comments from some of the group:  " A welcoming, worshipping group - an extended family providing a place of rest and refreshment." "My Life Group are my comfort, support, advisers, friends, confidants.  They help me learn spiritual knowledge. They are honest and true.  Help me find Jesus my anchor in stormy waters."  "I feel the Lifegroup is an all-encompassing family, full of love.

Thursday evening

Lodmoor Area meets on a Thursday evening. They are very keen on everyone feeling part of the group and sharing and caring for one another in a way the replicates what Jesus would have done when on earth.  Life groups are about life and becoming more like Jesus. They love to worship and bible study and want to help change the group's expectation so we reach our full potential in Christ.  The first few weeks we are looking at our expectations and changing them to expect more from God, as often we expect too little.

Portland. Mike and Pat have a lot of God's wisdom and experience gained from being in leadership In previous churches. They meet 7.30 to 9.30pm, usually at their home. We love to worship and open the word, to pray for one another, and to enjoy fellowship and an occasional meal together.

Dorchester. A new group of those eager to seek God in a deep way.  


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