God's family is spread across the face of the earth, in every nation under heaven, yet amazingly interconnected. Modern technology has helped in this connectedness by shrinking the world. It's now possible for us to have friends in far flung places who we can phone, email or even visit relatively simply. We are passionate about a global vision. We make it our business to pray for the nations, but also to be involved, hands on, in overseas mission and disaster relief.

At The Prayerhouse we are excited to be part of God's huge world-wide family. We have connections in many countries around the world where the Holy Spirit has made us feel like family. We try to help support our brothers and sisters in the form of sending people and finance as God


crowded Central Asian marketplace

Central Asia was one of the first areas of the world to be impacted by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. Spirit-filled believers returned home from the feast in Jerusalem to bring transformation to their communities with the amazing power of the Gospel.

Mark Wade, our man in Romania, was home in England a few weeks ago. He is looking relaxed and healthy. He has use of a house in Romania and a flat in Ukraine, as he is increasingly spending more time there.