"I first visited Romania in March 1990. I drove across europe, driving a Lorry, to Arad, taking aid to the churches and hospital. Similarly my second visit was later that year, in October, taking aid. The next time I visited Romania I drove a lorry of aid to Arad and Santana. This was planned to coincide with the first visit of the Youth from the Prayerhouse to Romania. On the lorry were also Pollytunnels. The youth and the adults became experts at partnering with locals errecting Polytunnels and cleared land to grow food for  feeding centres.

Before the next visit of the youth at the Prayerhouse to Romnia in April 2001 I also started going on a regular basis to the Prayerhouse. By February 2003 I felt that god was calling me to live in Romania. I set of to Romania in a small white hire van with a Dave and Sally with all my goods in the back. We arrived in Santana where the temperarure was minus 20. From Santana I then began to work with a charity called Networks and I bought a house in November 2005 in a plce called Draut.

My first Visit to Ukraine was in May 2014 I went to Mukachevo, helping errect and run children's camps for orphans. Eastern Ukraine was my destination inFebruary 2015, to Slanyansk to take aid to those in need


I am working with gypsy communities and in my local church in Arad, Harvest Metanoia.


Again I am working with the gypsy communities in Western Ukraine particularly with the children and youth. I am working in the East of Ukraine as a volunteer, distributing humanitarian aid to frontline cities and villages and taking every opportunity to share the good news of Jesus with the people. In the east the church is on the front line hence everything is raw and in your face. There is a strong sense of the Holy Spirit in the worship, it can make the hairs of your arms stand on end. The church has turned itself inside out, everything is done on the streets."