Testimony one 

By Dave Burnett

When I look back over the last four years, I can’t help but be amazed at the way God has looked after me. He has opened doors for me that before I came to the Prayerhouse I would have been afraid to walk through. As many of you may be aware, I have in training at the moment to become a therapeutic counsellor, and have just completed my level 3 award. But if someone had told me when I first came here that I would be in the position I am now I would have had difficulty in believing their wisdom, mainly because I had difficulty in believing myself.

When I first came here I had some knowledge of God, you could say that I believed in him, but there is no way you could have called it a relationship in the same way I feel it today. I didn’t have the peace that I feel within myself that I have now and I didn’t have the confidence to accept who I am because back then I had so much baggage holding me back I found it a real struggle to move forward.

I really cant put my finger on the exact moment my life began to change, and its only over the last month or so while I have been reflecting of the the path that God is guiding me along that I realise just how far we have travelled together.

Although there are times now, when I think that it would have been nice if I had been able to discover the things that have made such a difference to my life a lot sooner. But on the occasions when I have asked God about this I keep getting the same answer. “ David my son you were not ready then. You had to come to me first” I believe that first I had to find the love of God before I could learn to love myself. it is only through the love of God, through prayer worship and fellowship that I have been able to let go of all the lies that I have held onto for so long , step out into the light and feel the loving warmth of the love that God has for me and start to believe in the truth.

When in the past people have said to me “God has plans for your future” I didn’t really understand the true meaning of this, but now just as Shakespeare said that all of the world is a stage and that each of us play a part. Paul in his first letter to the Corinthians said that we are all a part of the body of the church, and as a body has arms, legs, eyes ears and a mouth each one of us have a part to play within the family of the church.

There have been times when I have thought that I would like to do this, or I would like to do that. But I believe that the reasons I have failed is because God has not given me the abilities to do what amounts to my will. But now he has shown me the path I believe he wants me to follow, I feel far more content with my life.

In reality the story I am trying to get across through this testimony is that it is never to late to ask God for help. There is nowhere that is so dark that his love cannot reach, and it is that love we all need in our search for happiness. My journey is by no way over, and although I have no idea what my Lord and my Father has in store for me, I have no fear of what is to come and I praise God for all He has done in my life so far. For the people to numerous to mention who He has placed in my life who have been able to pray for me and bless me.

I hope and pray that all of you who hear this will have a renewal of spirit and a deeper feeling of God's love, as I have and will be able to live in the knowledge that it is your faith that is the greatest tool you have in order to change you lives.


Testimony two

From a Prayerhouse member 

In March 2015 I was diagnosed with osteoporosis with very low bone density I was prescribed two lots of medication one being a so called a "wonder drug". Both lots of medication made me feel very ill particularly the wonder drug & its side affects. I had to make a big decision whether to continue with it & took a huge step of faith not to continue with the drug against medical advice & was told any fall could lead to a broken or fractured bone somewhere in my body. I had several words & scripture to encourage me in taking this step one being whatever happened God would bring glory to His Name which is very important fast forward to end of December 2015 & I miss the last step on my stairs & bring my whole body weight down on my left foot needless to say foot & ankle swell up bruising starts & excessive pain & cant walk. On making it to bed I decide too lay hands on my foot & pray in tongues saying too God it's only you & me, lets go for it! Next morning pain & swelling were reduced I could weight bare & almost walk properly prayed & laid hands on it a few more times & was walking almost normally within two days but the most important thing is no breaks of the bones & remember I am supposed to have the osteoporosis!!! So I praise & thank God our wonderful Father for His healing hand on me & ray that this testimony will bring Glory to His magnificent Name.


Testimony three

From A.N. Anon

'A little while ago, with others, I stepped out in faith on quite a big financial project. I felt God say that he would provide it all. Weeks passed and yet there was a shortfall. The question arose in me and others 'had I heard correct?' A few days ago I took a phone call from someone with no involvement in the project. They had heard about it and wanted to know if there was a shortfall. I said there was. 'How much?' I was asked. I skirted with a generalisation but to no avail! 'How much to the pound?' I was asked! I told them and they said they would pay it in full! The cheque arrived the following day! I thank God for His provision and for the manner of it!'


Testimony four

From S Anon

I want to share my story with all you because God has completely changed my life with His love. 

From a very young age I've been hurt by other people.  Everyone closest to me had taken advantage of me. I was verbally abused. I was tortured.  I was moved from a care home to care home and treated like rubbish by everyone I loved.  I lived in total darkness and wanted to end my life, and I tried many times.   Through one of many messy relationships my first son was born.  I loved him but life was really hard and eight years later my second son was born.  I tried to be a good mother to my boys but I did not know how to.  I had never seen a good example before.  Eventually my boys were taken out of my care and I was devastated.  I felt like a failure and wished to die.  I was still being abused and hurt by people while trying to cope with all the pain. I started attending church in another area and was baptised. God had begun shinning light into my darkness but I did not understand his purpose for my life yet. Not long after moving again to another area I found a church there. My beautiful daughter was born.   I had always wanted a daughter, and God was giving me another chance to be a loving mother. When we moved to this area a few years ago I still felt lonely and did not have many friends. Earlier this year I felt like God was calling me to start going to the Prayerhouse. Now I am growing in my faith and I have people in my life that I am starting to trust. God has completely turned my life around and He has given me a hope and a future. I am so grateful for this new life I've been given   Amen 


Testimony five

From O Anom

In January 2016 I started too have some unusual symptoms in an area of my body which were painful, uncomfortable & would keep me awake at night. I saw my G.P. who took various blood tests one of which was a cancer test which came back raised & therefore had to be investigated at hospital & through scans very quickly. I didn't think for a minute that I had cancer but was very nervous about the investigative scan procedures. I asked for prayer support from the church family & had several very reassuring words, scripture's & prayer from various people all too do with" have no fear, there's nothing to fear" etc. God Himself gave me Isaiah 41 v 10 absolutely amazing & affirming & Isaiah 54 v 14-17 in which I had special revelation about. I had my scans within 4days & was reassured by the wonderful nurses that there was no sign of cancer & had a specialists appointment within 10days. All good news no trace of cancer in that particular area of my body in fact was told it was looking healthy. I share this because I want too thank & praise our amazing Father for His spectacular love for us in sending His equally amazing & spectacular Son Jesus too die on the cross for All our sin, sicknesses & diseases & much more He has done it all & already has the victory we just have to really grasp it believe it & claim it. Rejoice with me in this positive outcome. All glory & praise to Their wonderful Names!


Testimony six

From a previous member

Having been back from Africa for about a month, I've had time to reflect on all that happened in Botswana, where I contracted gastro enteritis and Zimbabwe, where I went into a hospital/clinic of sorts.    Only when I got home did I realise how seriously ill I was, and in fact nearly died.

All I can say is that I'm so pleased that I had the presence of mind to email for prayer.  After that I was mostly unconscious and very ill indeed.  In subsequent moments of consciousness and as I began to recover I felt totally peaceful,  and after a further 10 days began to feel much better.     I know now that for that time I was held on a "raft" of prayer, sensing the gentle healing presence of the Holy Spirit sustaining and upholding me.   

I don't know what God has planned for me but it's clear that he still has things for me to do, and that my time has not yet come!

So thank you so much for your prayers, and praise God for healing!