We’re delighted that you are visiting our site! We hope you enjoy exploring what Prayerhouse is about and the kind of things we get up to. We are ordinary people from every walk of life imaginable, thrown together by discovering the love of an amazing God.

Some of us grew up in church, others have lived what would seem to be the most opposite path. What we enjoy together is a sense of family, a direct experience of God’s presence and a real freedom and joy in worship. We have found this relationship with God to be like the love of the best Father ever. In finding him, we truly come alive.

Town Centre

Prayerhouse is a church in Weymouth, situated close to the Town Centre. Prayerhouse is a vibrant congregation with people of all ages and backgrounds. We love playing our part in the community; particularly when we have been able to make a difference where the official agencies have been restricted. Many individuals and families have found practical love and support through the church: many have found meaning and hope as they have discovered the love of Father God.

You are welcome to join us for our Sunday meeting that starts at 10:30am; from about 10.15 the band begins to play. People walk into an atmosphere of worship that is already underway. 

Take a look around the website and see what other events are going on at the Prayerhouse in the week.